Buy pre-owned Prada in San Diego for a touch of luxury

Luxury goods may sweep you off your feet, but are they really worth the money? What if we told you that you can spoil yourself with designer names like Prada without forking over a fortune? Welcome to Leo Hamel Boutique & Consignment Shop, where we go above and beyond to make luxury goods available at affordable prices. So, what’s the catch? No catch. While all the items in our impressive collection are pre-owned, they look as good as new!

Step out in style with high-end designer clothes and accessories!

No longer does looking fabulous have to cost an outrageous amount of money! You can finally buy extravagant-looking pre-owned designer clothes, shoes and accessories at a fraction of the retail price. Reviving your wardrobe has never been so effortless and so affordable. And since you can never go wrong with Prada, why not buy pre-owned Prada in San Diego and really take your style to the next level? Whether you’re headed to a business meeting or joining friends for drinks in the Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown San Diego, you’re sure to impress.

Buy pre-owned Prada, San Diego fashionistas lust for

Fashionistas looking to buy pre-owned Prada in San Diego don’t have to wander far. Leo Hamel Boutique & Consignment Shop is the one-stop-shop where you can put together drop-dead-gorgeous outfits at a reasonable price and with the help of absolute professionals. All the items we offer are authentic and of the utmost quality.


Let us help you pick out the items that best suit your style and your personality. The process is simple, smooth and effortless. You will love it!


The members of our team will be committed to you from start to finish. You are free to look around, but if in a rush, we can help get you in and out in no time.


Owing to our experience and expertise, we can vouch for the quality and authenticity of every single item in our store. Make the most of it!

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    Original items, verified to be 100% authentic

    Our meticulous selection and authentication process allows us to offer you 100% genuine items. There is no room for error and no risk of getting a raw deal. But no need to take our word for it. Just ask our loyal customers!
    Counterfeit items nowadays can look so realistic and it may require painstaking effort to tell the difference between a fake and the real deal. Unless, of course you come to Leo Hamel Boutique & Consignment Shop. We are here to make your every trip to our store a delightful experience. When you come to our boutique to buy pre-owned Prada San Diego fashionistas would be envious of, you get the real deal!
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    Immerse yourself in a blissful shopping experience


    When you visit our store, you have our undivided attention while you shop. We’ll take your style, special requests, and preferences into consideration before offering recommendations. Leo Hamel Boutique & Consignment Shop has an incredible team of fashion connoisseurs with a keen eye for detail.


    No risk of being overcharged

    Original designer items at reasonable prices? We make it happen.


    We make high fashion sustainable

    When you buy pre-owned designer items, you’re helping to protect the planet! It’s a win-win!


    A shopping experience tailored to you

    Our top priority is helping you revamp your style with designer items hand-picked to suit your style. We’ll show you the world of possibilities when it comes to high fashion.


    Our boutique is every trendsetter’s dream-come-true

    If you’re a genuine trendsetter, suffice it to say that our fabulous boutique will make you feel like a kid in a candy store! We offer pre-loved items that will take your breath away. Could we interest you in fashion classics: vintage used Chanel bags that our San Diego store has to offer or pre-owned Hermès that you can also buy at our San Diego store? Or would getting like-new pre-owned Gucci bags be a better match for your San Diego street style

    Seize the moment and take your style to the next level. Imagine the difference a single, carefully selected designer item can make to your wardrobe, adding something special to each outfit. If you have ever fantasized about walking the streets of San Diego wearing a stunning pair of used Louboutin shoes or donning a like-new used Louis Vuitton bag to a San Diego gathering with friends, now is the time. Leo Hamel Boutique & Consignment Shop is all you need!

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    Find out why hundreds of savvy shoppers come to one of the leading San Diego consignment shops

    Leo Hamel’s has done it again and totally rocked it. I was blown away at how beautiful it is! If you are looking for that designer wardrobe at half the cost this is the place to go!

    Erica Z.

    I was so excited to learn that Leo was opening a high end vintage and consignment store. Lonnie is fantastic and is like a ray of sunshine. I was over the moon with my purchases!

    Helene S.

    Lonnie is the best!! I put 2 handbags in for consignment and sold the first one in A matter of weeks!! Great price!! Beautiful items in store! Great prices!!

    Lisa F.

    This place is legit!! LV, YSL Prada and more-plus luxury clothing, too. Come by and check them out whenever you are in the Old Town area.

    Joop Deezy

    Super chic with all the high end designers – LV, Prada, Gucci and Chanel. Pre loved Clothing, handbags, and shoes. Friendly and warm service and great prices.

    Jannet Dafun

    A beautiful selection of high end designer pieces, all in mint condition, guaranteed authentic. The prices are very reasonable. It’s a really fun, personalized shopping experience!

    Robin Clarke

    Shop in style - rely on our chic collection!

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