With summer slowly coming to a close, there’s never been a better time to give your wardrobe a once over. It’s time to retire the sundresses and short shorts to make way for fresh, new fall fashion trends. And who better to help navigate this season’s hottest styles than the experts at Leo Hamel Boutique? We’ve created a complete list of this year’s must-have fall fashions to keep you looking cozy and chic all season long!

Itty Bitty Handbags

image of small handbags fall fashion trends

This autumn’s go-to accessory is the itty bitty handbag, a tiny trend that’s making big waves in the world of fashion. Small, structured handbag styles could be seen on the runways of Chloé, Fendi, Givenchy, and many more. Give your itty bitty bag a touch of flare by opting for a vibrant color or unique print. You can’t go wrong with snakeskin or a bright shade of neon, both of which were also featured prominently on this fall’s runway. Our tip for rocking this trend? Plan to pack light! Though undeniably dainty and adorable, itty bitty bags aren’t exactly ideal for toting your everyday essentials!

Sultry Satin

image of satin dress

A sleek, sexy style that looks great any time of day? Sounds too good to be true, but this fall’s satin trend is truly that versatile. The daytime lingerie look has been steadily gaining popularity, and this season is no exception. A satin button down is perfect for looking polished at the office. Pair with a skirt and stilettos, and take your outfit from day to evening with ease. Going out for a romantic dinner for two? Slip into a sultry, satin dress for an outfit that’s sure to turn heads.

Preppy Prints

image of houndstooth print jacket fall fashion

When it comes to fall fashion, preppy prints like plaid and houndstooth are necessities in every woman’s wardrobe. Though the schoolgirl look isn’t exactly an emerging trend, this fall’s runway saw designers reimagining this style in refreshing new ways. Pair a fitted plaid blazer with a cool pair of bicycle shorts for a modern, edgy look. Or, if you prefer something a bit more classic, opt for a knit houndstooth dress or accessorize with a posh houndstooth scarf.

Animal Print Everything

image of animal print accessories

Unleash your wild side with this fall’s most exotic trend—animal print! Like it or not, animal print rules the fashion jungle, and is expected to be everywhere this autumn. Snakeskin, zebra stripes, and leopard spots were the most popular prints spotted on the runway this season. Some designers even chose to layer multiple prints in a single ensemble. To pull off this look for every day, try accessorizing with animal print. A glamorous pair of animal print heels, or an eye-catching animal print handbag are all you need to take your style from ordinary to out of this world.

Luxurious Leathers

image of leather jacket

As the scorching summer slowly comes to a close, it may be hard to imagine yourself draped in heavy leather. But once the weather begins to cool down, you can anticipate this fall fashion trend to dominate. This year’s fall runway saw the revival of 80’s fashion favorites, with leather leading the charge. Rock this trend with ease in a striking leather skirt, or if you’re feeling fearless, a bold pair of leather pants. If you love the look of leather, but prefer something more animal friendly, designers like Rebecca Taylor offer vegan leather wear that’s identical to the real thing.

Glamorous Jewel Tones

image of jewel tone scarves

This fall, resist the urge to dress in head-to-toe black, and opt for vibrant jewel tones instead. Gorgeous jewel tones offer the ultimate pop of color, without overpowering the rest of your ensemble. Enchanting emerald greens, stunning sapphire blues, and rich ruby reds are the go-to colors for fall, and look flattering on just about anyone. Whether you choose to sport a pair of colorful boots or an elegant jewel tone evening gown, incorporating this trend is effortless.

Chic Capes

image of cape fall fashion

Forget what you’ve heard about unflattering outerwear, and say hello to the sophisticated silhouette of capes. Capes are a chic alternative to a trench coat or motorcycle jacket, and can be found in a variety of styles. For a traditional take on this trend, cover up with a tweed cape from Chanel. Or, dress down in a basic beige cape from Chloé. No matter the occasion, you’ll look perfectly put together with this hot fall fashion trend.

Fuzzy Fleece Outerwear

Bundle up for fall in cute, cozy fleece outerwear. If you’re looking forward to more frigid weather, a fuzzy fleece jacket is an absolute must-have. Inspired by outdoors OG’s like Columbia and Patagonia, runway designers have reworked fleece to be high-fashion. Whether you’re heading to a resort in the mountains or simply cuddling up at home, this trend is sure to keep you warm and snug!

High-class Hair Pins

image of gucci hair clip
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When it comes to accessorizing, most people don’t dress up their hair. But that’s about to change in fall 2019, with darling designer hair pins emerging as a hot new trend. Beautiful beaded barrettes and bedazzled bobby pins are an easy, whimsical way of expressing your unique style. Fashion favorites like Gucci, Prada, and Versace offer their own variations in eye-catching shapes and colors. Elevate your look from bland to bold with this splashy fall fad.

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