Every stylish gentleman knows the importance of having a quality bag to tote their valuables, whether heading to the office or taking a weekend trip with friends. The ideal men’s bag is comfortable, functional, and most importantly—stylish. Choosing the right bag for your lifestyle can be tricky as there are several factors to consider. A sophisticated businessman would likely make the most use of a briefcase, while a young adventurer would best benefit from a multi-functional backpack. Need help selecting the best men’s bag for you? Narrow your choices before you shop and check out our list of 8 must-have men’s bags!


image of briefcase men's bags

The briefcase is the quintessential businessman’s bag. They’re also the oldest acceptable “handbag” to be designed with men in mind, originating as early as the 1850’s. Classic briefcases are generally rectangular shaped and crafted from high quality leather that can withstand daily wear and tear. A stylish briefcase is the ideal size and shape for toting the typical workday necessities, like a laptop or planner. Plus, they usually come with additional compartments for storing little extras like a wallet or cellphone.

Messenger Bag

image of messenger bag

Messenger bags have been worn for centuries by various types of couriers, including postal workers and paper boys. The single-strap, cross body design makes it easy to carry and retrieve items from a messenger bag. A messenger bag is great for students and professionals alike, as it’s spacious and often includes both inner and outer pockets for storing a cell phone, calculator, or other small items. For ultimate comfort while carrying, look for adjustable straps and a buckled or magnetic closure to keep your belongings safe and secure.


image of men's backpack

Backpacks are one of the most versatile men’s bags, capable of carrying just about anything. Forget your tattered Jansport from high school because nowadays, backpacks can be found in a variety of sizes and types. A quality, leather backpack is ideal for the office, while a pack with several compartments is great for carrying to the gym. Backpacks are also quite convenient for traveling, especially on short day trips that don’t call for a week’s worth of luggage.


Some may argue that a briefcase is too formal and stiff, while others may claim that a backpack looks too casual and sloppy. The solution to this dilemma is the tote bag, which offers the best of both worlds—a roomy interior paired with a sleek and stylish exterior to complement your best business suit. Tote bags tend to have one deep, spacious compartment and two parallel straps on each side, so that they open and close with ease. Tote’s are also known as the “shopper’s bag” for their capacity to carry everything from a pair of shoes to a small pet.

Weekender Bag

Heading out of town for the weekend? Pack everything you’ll need for a quick trip in a handy weekender bag. Depending on your travel plans, a weekender bag can easily fit a few outfit options, a change of shoes, and enough underwear to last all weekend long. If you plan to catch a flight, these bags are perfectly shaped for safe storing in overhead compartments or underneath your seat. If you’re a gentleman who’s always on the go, consider investing in a leather weekender bag. You may have to spend a bit more, but you’ll get years of use from one single bag.

Duffel Bag

image of men's duffel bag

Duffel bags are very similar to weekender bags, though they’re usually a tad larger. They’re great for last minute getaways or toting your workout essentials to your favorite fitness class. Duffel bags often come with a convenient shoulder strap, so you can carry it comfortably, even when you’ve slightly over packed. Because they’re typically made from canvas or another flexible fabric, duffel bags can be discreetly tucked away in a closet or drawer until you need to use it again.


image of men's satchel

Satchels closely resemble messenger bags, though they’re generally slightly smaller. Satchels, sometimes known as newsboy bags, are almost exclusively made from canvas, making them more appropriate for casual day-wear than a formal outing. They’re a popular choice among students, and are just the right size for a laptop, notebook, calculator, and more. A single, cross-body strap helps to balance the weight of the bag’s contents, and makes hands-free carrying a breeze.

Dopp Kit

image of dopp kit men's bags

We’ve all been there before, cleaning a puddle of shampoo from the bottom of our travel bag. Safely toting your toiletries is one of the greatest perils of packing for any kind of trip. Instead of dumping your bathroom essentials in the bottom of your bag, try using a Dopp Kit instead. A Dopp Kit is specifically designed for securing all of your personal care products safely and efficiently so you don’t risk misplacing items or encountering unwanted spills. In addition to several useful pockets, a Dopp Kit is usually made with a waterproof lining that is simple to wipe clean.

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