Top 5 Reasons to Sell Clothes to a Consignment Shop

Nothing is more tempting than going on a shopping spree to spoil yourself, especially if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon designer fashion at a fraction of its original price. It is the easiest thing in the world, just like resisting said temptation is pretty much the hardest. And really, how do you resist the urge to purchase a luxury item that can add the finishing touch to just about any outfit and give you a boost of confidence every single time? Exactly.

But what do you do when you fall out of love with an item? It happens all too often, whether because we’re overwhelmed with the abundance of choice or simply because we feel the need to jazz it up from time to time. If and when that happens, simply do what other fashionistas do: make the most of what San Diego consignment shops have to offer! 

Stay tuned to check out our pick of top 5 reasons why consignment shops rock!

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How consignment shops work: a summary

Essentially, a consignment store represents a retail store specializing in consignment sales. Selling clothes through consignment is a near-perfect way to make money off of items you no longer need or want without any heavy lifting. 

You do not sell the item to the store directly. Instead, they will sell the item on your behalf in exchange for a commission. You still own the item until the store sells it. How much of the money you get to keep and how much of it goes to the store depends on the arrangement you negotiate with the store.

Why sell to a consignment store?

There are at least 5 convincing arguments in favor of selling your clothes and fashion accessories to a consignment store:

  • No hassle: Having a consignment store sell your items is the ideal scenario for when you want your designer handbag that you just know you’re never going to use again to go to good hands but don’t want to waste time and energy promoting and selling it yourself. All you need to do is take the items you intend to sell to the consignment store. The rest is up to them!
  • No risk: When you put a consignment store in charge of selling your item, you are protected against any eventualities. Because professionals in the consignment business  have an eye for detail, they will recognize the items that the market wants and that you can reasonably expect to sell so you can decide what to do with the rest.
  • You get to walk away with money in your pocket without wasting time. In exchange for putting time and effort into putting your item on display, promoting and selling it, the store will charge their commission, that is, a certain consignment percentage.
  • They have experience in sales and know what makes fashionistas tick: reputable consignment stores can pinpoint the target group for your item and choose a price that is most likely to secure a sale.
  • No hidden costs: When you sell through consignment, you don’t need to worry about the technicalities such as shipping or taxes and trivialities such as packaging or going to the post office. The consignment store conveniently handles all of that for you!

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Where do I find the best place to sell clothes for cash?

If you have a fiery passion for fashion, then you can relate: saying no to a fabulous piece of clothing is a difficult feat. But not being immune to impulse buying doesn’t have to be an issue if you have alternative options to fall back on. And we are here to offer you just that!

Modesty aside, in the world of San Diego consignment shops and boutiques, we are a force to be reckoned with. Here at Leo Hamel Consignment Boutique, we shoot for the stars and say no to fast fashion. We just love to present fashionistas with that unique blend of affordable luxury and convenience right here near the heart of Old Town San Diego. Make room for new clothes in your wardrobe & more money in your wallet: declutter and consign!