How Do Thrift Stores Differ from Consignment Shops?

If you’re used to replenishing your wardrobe with like-new designer luxuries, you already know that consigning represents a unique shopping experience that is difficult to top. If you’re new to this, you’re in for a treat. Say “so long” to outrageous retail prices and “hello” to saving big on the best brand names in fashion. 

Once you see how many fabulous finds you can uncover and how easily you can revamp your wardrobe, you’ll get hooked on secondhand shopping, and become an expert in no time.

But, secondhand shopping comes in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to fashion, how exactly does a consignment store in San Diego differ from a thrift store?

What is the difference between a consignment store and a thrift store?

All second hand stores have something in common: they make it possible for buyers to save money. 

So what are the key differences between consignment stores and thrift stores? 

Consignment stores get their items from individual sellers who will bring in unwanted articles to sell. Because of this, consignment stores tend to have strict selection criteria and high quality standards. They will not accept an item that they deem difficult to sell.

Thrift stores are usually donation-based and infinitely less picky about the items they’ll accept.

What can you find in a thrift store?

A thrift store will likely rely on donations from the local community as the sole purpose of most thrift stores is to raise money for charity or non-profit organizations. You literally never know what you may find when you visit a thrift store, which is what’s so interesting and dynamic about the whole experience. 

Today, you may visit a thrift store and stumble upon a precious gem that you’ll treasure forever. Tomorrow, you may face utter disappointment when the visit turns out to be a huge waste of time and you realize that much of the stuff you come across is damaged, worn or downright useless.

Successful shopping at a thrift store boils down to being at the right place at the right time. Perhaps you’ll luck out and find a vintage Chanel skirt that’s perfect and intact. Then again, you may spend hours searching for a worthy find, only to unearth a ridiculous 80s jacket with oversized shoulder pads that you can’t even wear for Halloween. 

Who are thrift stores meant for?

A thrift store is the place to go if you are after:

  • bargains
  • casual clothes
  • inexpensive accessories

However, it’s worth noting that not all thrift stores are the same. Regardless of the fact that they rely on donations and aren’t remotely as choosy as consignment stores, thrift stores can be grossly overpriced. This makes them a good choice for experienced, price-conscious secondhand shoppers.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that thrift store scavenging takes time and patience. You might need to visit a thrift store several times before you come across anything worth buying.

Are consignment shops expensive? 

When it comes to consignment stores that specialize in designer fashion, it should come as no surprise that the demand is high, especially when the original cost of these items is taken into consideration. Consignment store buyers are known for their sophisticated taste and consignment stores will therefore only accept pre-owned luxury goods that are in mint condition. 

Expect to find amazing deals and bargains for like-new and vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. You may be able to save a whopping 70% on 100% authentic designer items. 

What can you find in a consignment store?

A consignment store is the place to go if you are shopping for:

  • Clothes to wear at work
  • Specific items, especially if you’re into classics
  • Items which represent a modern twist on a classic style
  • High-end brands 

Consignment stores are also a better choice if you’re just easing into the world of secondhand shopping. Although thrift stores have a lot to offer, you might get carried away and end up spending too much money on items you will never actually wear. 

Consignment stores, on the other hand, are meticulous when choosing the items to include in their offering. Aside from being verified as authentic, these items will also need to look perfect to be accepted for consignment in the first place.

What is the difference between a consignment store and a thrift store

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