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Buy pre-owned designer clothes & find iconic brands from the fashion world at affordable prices at Leo Hamel Boutique & Consignment Shop!

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Save money with like-new and designer vintage clothing in San Diego

You don’t need a fortune to create your own collection of brand name clothing and accessories. All you need is a store that offers a vast selection of designer fashion at affordable prices. Fill your closet with authentic, high-quality designer clothing and accessories, all while saving BIG at Leo Hamel Boutique and Consignment Shop, the leading designer consignment in San Diego.

Buy pre-owned designer clothes & accessories at our superb resale shop in San Diego

Have you always dreamed of owning a Hermès handbag, but can’t afford the outrageous price tag? That dream can become a reality when you buy like-new Hermès in San Diego right here at Leo Hamel Boutique & Consignment Shop! Only you will know you didn’t buy it new! Find an astonishing collection of some of the most beloved names in fashion. With us, you can also buy stylish used Louis Vuitton bags in San Diego and more! Shop all of the iconic styles you love, at prices you’ll love even more!

Affordable designer fashion at the #1 consignment store in San Diego

With more than 40 years in the consignment business, we’ve become one of the leading experts in the area. We guarantee that all the items you find in our store are authentic and of the highest quality, while never breaking the bank. Whether you want to buy like-new Chanel bags in San Diego or purchase vintage Louboutin shoes in San Diego, we are your top choice. Gone are the days of overspending on items that you can find at Leo’s for a significantly lower price. Affordability, style and quality all come hand in hand for your ease and convenience.

Get the help you need when buying brand name vintage clothes in San Diego

Need new clothes, a trendy couture handbag or designer shoes? Find fashion that suits your unique style and personality right here at Leo Hamel Boutique. Looking to revamp your style or simply just browsing for fashion ideas? Not to worry! Our fashion experts will be by your side to help you find your perfect fit, buy pre owned designer clothes and stay right on trend. Create the closet of your dreams at Leo Hamel Boutique & Consignment Shop!

Discover a shopping experience like no other San Diego consignment boutique

An unforgettable shopping experience makes for money well spent every time. Relax and explore our vast collection in a comfortable and casual environment, without the pressure of pushy salespeople that you’d find at a department store. Our knowledgeable and friendly fashion gurus are available to help whenever you need. Try on different pieces and strut your stuff like a true star. Discover stylish pre owned Gucci bags in San Diego or buy like-new pre owned Prada in San Diego. And never sweat the price tag!

What’s more, you can also feel confident in your purchase, knowing that you’ve made a small, but valuable contribution to the environment. Choosing to buy pre owned designer clothes and accessories is ultra-chic and eco-friendly, what’s more fashionable than that?

Designer resale in San Diego for true fashionistas

Explore an extensive selection of uniquely styled pieces that you can mix and match to create one-of-a-kind ensembles. Dressing up for a special event? Pay us a visit! Whether you need a casual, but chic outfit for a night out with your friends in the Gaslamp Quarter or refreshing cocktails in Little Italy, we’re the place to call! One thing is for sure—high-quality designer fashion will never go out of style, and you can find it all here!

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    Buy pre-owned designer clothes that are nothing but authentic

    Here at Leo Hamel Boutique & Consignment Shop, we guarantee that all of our items are 100% authentic. You can be confident knowing we only offer genuine designer clothing, shoes and accessories, all at half the retail price. This is not only our guarantee, but also the very foundation of our business.
    To ensure authenticity, our team of qualified experts carefully examines each item. We inspect everything from brand markings, serial tags and date codes to stitch work, item condition and hologram stickers.
    No fake or counterfeit pieces are accepted under any circumstance. What’s more, if there’s a doubt that an item is genuine, we request proof of purchase to determine its authenticity. Nothing is ever left to chance!
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