How Much Can I Make Selling on Consignment?

Consignment stores in San Diego are marvelous places full of unique finds. If you love fashion, you will definitely love specialty consignment stores that offer a combination of like-new and vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. You don’t have to be a die-hard fashionista to appreciate the unique experience that consignment stores can provide.

What’s more, the very best consignment stores are selective about what they buy and sell: unlike thrift stores, they choose only the highest quality items to offer their customers. You’ll be instantly impressed the moment you set foot inside.

But how much money can you make on consignment and what are the steps of the process? Continue reading to find out!

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How to sell on consignment and how to pick the best items? 

Consigning your items is a fairly simple process. First, you should bring any items you wish to sell on consignment to the store where experts will evaluate them. This is particularly true for top-of-the-line designer items, which tend to yield the highest returns. Here’s how to decide which items will earn you the most money:

  • Be mindful of the time of year: consignment stores look for items that are seasonal. In this aspect, specialty consignment stores in particular have high standards to uphold.
  • Once you do decide which items are best for consignment, make sure that every item you bring looks its best: flawless, impeccably clean, freshly washed and ironed.

When deciding on which items to bring to the consignment store, try to be realistic. Try to see the buyer’s point of view and consider the possibility that you may not make much money off of some of the items. And if a particular item has sentimental value, don’t feel pressured to sell it. You can always reconsider again down the road. 

How does selling clothes on consignment work? 

The whole procedure is pretty straightforward: after dropping off your items and working out an arrangement that you believe is best, you sit back and wait. If and when your item does get sold, you will be contacted by the store so you can receive your money. It’s a risk and hassle-free situation.

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What is a fair consignment percentage?

You can save as much as 70% when you shop at consignment stores, even if you have you your heart set on luxury designer items. But does selling your own pre-owned items through a consignment store carry the same benefits?

Although you can’t expect to get your investment back in full, you can make a decent amount of money depending on what you’re selling. Before you accept or refuse to accept the terms of consignment, here are some tips to be mindful of: 

  • Top brands equal big bucks.
  • Having the items in mint condition is a must.
  • Limited-edition items will earn you even more.

In other words, the consignment percentage will vary: it could be a 50/50, a 60/40 or a 70/30 split. Professional consignment store associates will ensure you have a thorough understanding of how their system works. They’re also sometimes open to negotiating the percentage you’ll receive, though it’s ultimately up to you whether to refuse or accept.  

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