Top Tips for Consignment Sellers

It’s always a good time to make simple changes that will have a meaningful impact on your daily life. The beginning of the year or, even better, the beginning of a new decade, is certainly the ideal time for a fresh start, so why not kickstart this decade by cleaning out your wardrobe? Start consigning the items you no longer want and making money in the process!

Surely you have a handful of old items that you no longer have interest in wearing, even if you paid a handsome amount of money for them. No wonder consignment shops in San Diego are becoming all the rage: they encourage you to make some much needed space in your closet, and make you money in the process. What more could you ask for? 

Before you start consigning, read on to get the inside scoop!

shoes and handbags_Where should I sell my old clothes for cash

Where should I sell my old clothes for cash? 

If you have old clothes you want to sell, how you’ll end up selling them and what you can expect to get for them will depend on their condition, quality, brand, and even the time of year. 

First go through your wardrobe to sort everything out. Be realistic and inspect all the items with meticulous attention to detail. Decide if it would be best to donate some of the items. As for the rest, you have a few different options. You can organize a yard sale or sell them online, or you can choose the last and best option: consignment stores.

Consigning allows you to make money by selling things you no longer want without having to do any work. It’s the ideal scenario, seeing how you no longer want or need the items in question, but don’t want to just throw them away. After all, you spent your hard earned money to buy them. By selling through consignment, you get some of that money back, all while making room in your closet for new fashions.

What should I know before visiting a consignment store?

If you’ve been thinking of selling your outdated items on consignment, here are some important points to remember:

  • Make sure every item is in mint condition: first-rate consignment stores have strict standards when assessing the condition of items to sell.
  • Make a seasonal selection: when it comes to fashion, it’s all about the seasons, so pick your items accordingly. 
  • Take popular demand into consideration: the consignment store may not accept your item simply because they know it’s not likely to sell.
  • In the world of fashion, vintage and outdated are two very different things: just because an item is retro does not necessarily make it vintage.
  • Specialty stores are the go-to place: forget about consignment stores with miscellaneous items and shoot for those with a narrow niche instead.
  • Look for stores with a long history in the business: not only do established consignment stores get more foot traffic but also know how best to promote your item.
  • Read the fine print: understand that each consignment store, especially the specialty ones have detailed guidelines and store policy in place, so read these carefully.

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The finest consignment shops in San Diego

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