Top Tips for Consignment Buyers

Consignment boutiques specializing in exquisite pre-loved designer fashion are every frugal fashionista’s dream-come-true: you get to have your cake and eat it too. Now, you can have luxury clothes and accessories without the sticker shock: when buying on consignment, you can pay as little as 30% of the original retail price. 

If you’re an experienced consignment store buyer, chances are you already know all the tricks in the book, and never make the mistake of buying inauthentic, overpriced knockoffs. But if you’re new to consignment shopping, stay tuned to learn how to spot the best deals and make the most of shopping at a specialty consignment shop in San Diego. 

What is consignment buying

What is consignment buying?

Selling via consignment gives you the opportunity to make money off of clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer want. On the other hand, shopping at consignment stores allows you to check out one-of-a-kind items that other people have decided to say so long to. Specialty consignment stores will not accept an item before conducting a careful examination to verify its authenticity and make sure it’s absolutely flawless. They will also consider factors such as the season of the year and whether there is consumer demand for certain items. This policy makes shopping on consignment risk-free, sustainable and affordable.

Tips for consignment buyers

If you choose to shop at specialty consignment stores, you probably have lavish taste but refuse to pay sky-high retail prices. Great! Now before you set out to explore the wonders of consignment boutiques, here’s what to be mindful of:

  • Stick to the stores in affluent neighborhoods: upscale consignment shops located in wealthy neighborhoods are far more likely to offer worthy finds, especially if you have your heart set on higher-end goods.
  • Scrutinize each item closely: bear in mind that consignment shops will check the authenticity of the goods, but they will leave it to the buyers to make sure that the item in question is free of flaws. 
  • Take advantage of special deals and offers reserved for loyal clientele: if you become a regular at a consignment shop, you can expect to get special treatment whenever you visit. For instance, if you’ve been lusting after a vintage Chanel jacket but can’t find one that doesn’t cost a fortune, you can let the store know and they may be able to ring you up as soon as they get one in.
  • Don’t make rash decisions and fall for every bargain, however tempting. Just because you’ve spotted a gorgeous vintage Hermès handbag does not mean you have to have it. Choose items that best fit you and your style.


Tips for buying at consignment stores

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